Welcome to Cross Fit SEO Marketers

We lead a digital marketing company headquartered in Auckland. The basic goal of Cross Fit is to bring success to each client ad project. 91% of our clients are small to medium-sized and local businesses or organizations. We have helped various businesses in reaching the top scale in the digital market through SEO tactics.

We pride ourselves in key values like honesty, transparency, and dedication, which help us exceed customers’ expectations. We increase the online traffic and online leads coming through search engines. By improving the website, inserting SEO tactics, and using PPC advertisements, we rank the client’s website on the top search results.

Who we are?

At Cross Fit we’re a family of experienced digital marketers who are concerned about how to maximize the targeted traffic of our clients. We work together and do constructive criticism so that we can improve daily. With many years of experience in sales & marketing, our CEO proves himself as an expert business consultant and SEO marketer.

Our reputation as professional SEO marketers is what makes us unique in today’s marketplace. We’re grateful to have clients that recommend us to other business owners, which has surely helped us in maximizing our work and services.

Our Team (Work-Family)

We believe in ourselves and it’s what makes us competent and unique. Our team comes from various professional backgrounds, cultures, and countries. But we all have the same concern about how to maximize potential traffic and brand awareness. We all have the same dedication and interests which are sales and digital marketing.
We focus on making our workplace fun and relaxing. We believe that a positive, inspiring, and creative place helps us in delivering the best results to the clients. We give online and in-person consultations as well.