Membership Terms and Conditions

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When you sign up at CrossFit Auckland you agree to the terms and conditions.

We want you to get the most out of your membership and come as often as you can, however if you don’t, there won’t be any refunds on unused time or unused membership entitlements.

Membership Specific Terms & Conditions

Memberships are by monthly Direct Debit on Bank Account.
If you request a weekly Direct Debit, the deduction admin fee will be passed on-to-you.

1-month minimum then continues ongoing.
Includes pause privileges.

How your CrossFit Membership works

If you make a web purchase, it covers the first month membership. A direct debit form must be completed for your ongoing membership; a monthly payment will then be deducted on the same day of every month based on your membership start date.

Your membership entitles you to make use of timetabled CrossFit, QuickFit and CrossFit Gymnastics classes. Members are required to book for class attendance. We cannot guarantee a booking, particularly at popular times. The scheduled timetable may change from time to time. We are closed on statutory public holidays. On some occasions we open with a modified timetable.

After your minimum term you may give notice (via email) of your request to cancel at least 7 business days before the date your next payment is due. Your cancellation takes affect from that next payment due date. We’ll be in touch with you to finalise your request.

Coaches and other specialists may operate from club premises. Private Coaching bookings may be made through club reception with pre-purchased session credits. You may choose to pay extra to attend specialist programs or clinics when they are scheduled.

The Pause privilege works like this

After the initial month you can pause your membership in 1-month blocks. The minimum pause period is 1-month. There is a $10/mth fee. Membership must be active 1-month between pause periods. If you have a minimum term, the minimum term date will be pushed out to reflect pause periods. Provide 7 days advance notice to

If you have requested a weekly direct debit:

The minimum pause period is 1-week. There is a $10/wk fee. Membership must be active 1-month between pause periods. If you have a minimum term, the minimum term date will be pushed out to reflect pause periods. Provide 7 days advance notice to

What happens if your payment doesn’t go through?

Debit Success is our agent for fee collection. They will charge bounce fees back to you, and will re-attempt collection. If necessary they will contact you to bring arrears up-to-date. We may ask you to settle your account to continue training if a re-attempt is unsuccessful.

Proper conduct

We have some club rules that enable members to get the most enjoyment out of the club. When you create your online account, these club rules are emailed to you.

Please comply with any health and safety requirements directed to you by club staff.

If you carry out any activity that we consider is illegal, offensive or a danger to you or any other person, we reserve the right to require you to leave the club and we may cancel your membership.

Safe workouts

It is your responsibility to make sure you work out safely at CrossFit Auckland. Consumers have rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act, and provided we have acted with reasonable care and skill, we will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind, whether to you or your property. Compensation for personal injury by accident in New Zealand is covered by the Accident Compensation Act.

Changes to these conditions

We may need to make changes to these conditions from time to time. This may include changes to the price or access. If we do, we will give you at least 2-weeks notice in writing by email and by updating these changes on our website, so you can exercise your right to cancel if you choose.


Applicants under 18 must apply in club and ask a parent or guardian to accompany them to sign a consent form before membership can be granted.