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Susan Bamford

Customer Experience Manager & Coach
Customer Experience Manager & Coach

Some of Susan’s highlights

Originally from South Africa, Susan started her journey with human movement as she delved into her Celtic roots discovering Highland Dancing and then adding Irish dancing to fill the few remaining hours after school. Competing in dance at a high level through most of her childhood into early adulthood, the importance of strength, muscular balance, core strength and stability, along with flexibility and mobility, became a priority to keep common overuse injuries at bay. She qualified as a personal trainer and placed a natural emphasis on core stability, functional training and mobility when training her clients. Working in the gym she was exposed to Group Fitness and fell in love with the camaraderie akin to the dance community. Susan upskilled and before she knew it was instructing. With ongoing education she began adding HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) methodologies to one-on-one and group training sessions.

With 15-years experience in the fitness Industry, Susan’s most recent 3-years have been predominantly facility management.

Susan found a new spark while gaining interest in Olympic style weightlifting and CrossFit training. Just over a year later as a member of CrossFit Auckland, Susan is pursuing a new career passing on her passion for community based training to others.

CrossFit has let me love my body for the first time in my life for what it can do as opposed to punishing it for what it doesn’t look like. I love when clients who initially start exercising with an aesthetics based goal start to realise there’s more to it; when they can stand up with ease from sitting on the floor while playing with their kids/grand kids, keep up with their children in the park with a ball and just generally inspire their family and friends to live a positive, healthier and more energised life.

I coach because I love seeing people achieve more than they thought possible or even asked for. Exercise is truly the most underused anti-depressant. By teaching others, you learn the most about yourself.

  • CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2).
  • CrossFit® Gymnastics Level I Coach.
  • CrossFit® Kids Coach.
  • CrossFit® Online Scaling Course.
  • CrossFit® Online Spot the Flaw Course.
  • CrossFit® Judges Course 2018.
  • Professional Health and Fitness Instructors Diploma – Reebok Instructors Alliance South Africa.
  • Personal Training Academy Certified TRX Suspension Training Instructor.
  • Pilates Matwork adapted for the BOSU® Balance Trainer and Soft Foam Roller.
  • Radical Fitness Certifications: FactorF; KiMax; TopRide.
  • Shuriken MMA, Basic Boxing Training and Techniques Instructors Certification.
  • Advanced Indoor Cycle Instructor – Cycle Lab South Africa.
  • The Maddness – Mule 2016, 16km Obstacle Team Race.
  • Orewa Half Marathon 2016.
  • Auckland half marathon 2016, 2015, 2013, 2012.
  • Auckland Full Marathon 2014.
  • 94.7 Cycle Challenge, South Africa 2006 & 2007.
Reading, trying out and researching different training techniques. Spending time in the sun and on the beach during summer and spending quality time with close friends who keep me grounded and who have become my family in New Zealand.
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