CFAK Combos Competition

$20.00 inc gst

A new spin on CFAK in-house comps!

You will register in your division, Rx or Scaled and be matched with a same sex partner from the other club, making you a competition combo of 2. This is a club mixer to get to know members from both clubs. The earlier you register, the earlier you get matched to a partner, the sooner you know who you’re competing with.

METCON Workouts are programmed to enable everyone to take part from beginner to more advanced. As a general rule, if you participate in most WODs as Rx’d, please register as Rx. If you have technical movements like unassisted Pull-ups, Bar Muscle-ups, Handstand Push-ups in your wheelhouse, please register as Rx’d.

We would love all members to take part. There will be post workout beers and drinks for a little mixer mid afternoon, when the WODs are completed.

Registration is through this shop link only.