WOD ‘N DONE – Single Use Hand Protection

$15.00 inc gst

Available in a pack of 5 pairs in Yellow, Pink or Black

Self adhesive single use hand protection.

Chalk and sweat friendly.

Measures 3″ wide x 9.25″ Long (7.5cm x 23cm) to offer maximum coverage.
While there isn’t a substitute for your bare hands on the bar, WOD&DONE is your best alternative. These are the thinnest form of hand protection on the market. So thin that it feels like wearing nothing at all. They won’t affect your grip, preserving the natural feel of the bar while still protecting your hands.
Unlike other grips these won’t compromise performance with bulky material.


  • CONVENIENT HAND PROTECTION – These single-use hand protection are made to keep your hands protected while doing high-intensity training, practice, or workout. Each pair is individually packaged to guarantee quality.
  • REMARKABLY FLEXIBLE – Features a top-quality, special kinesiology type material for a more natural movement when lifting, gripping and balancing. It also provides the hand  with utmost comfort when in use.
  • SKIN TIGHT – The composition and construction of the hand protection gives the feeling of oneness with your hand, translating to a better grip and feel on your workout, training, or fitness equipment.
  • EXCELLENT SIZE – The grips measure 3” wide and almost 10″ long allowing greater coverage to prevent serious skin injuries, such as tears and rips, that are painful and usually take a long time to heal.
  • CHALK AND SWEAT FRIENDLY – apply onto clean dry hands before warmup. Do not stretch during application.

WOD&DONE Grips were created to fill the void in comfortable functional hand protection during high intensity training. Other grips can feel too bulky, compromising grip strength.

Power Lifters, CrossFit athletes, and gymnasts alike can reap the benefits that WOD&DONE offers. Fantastic for CrossFit competitions and open workouts to allow for high volume of bar work without needing to break in a pair of grips or affect your grip strength.

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