Training Log Book

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Our experience has shown that members who keep detailed training logs are better equipped to make educated decisions about the training in-front of them each day choosing appropriate loads and skill levels.  It’s especially important if you’ve been off due to illness, injury or holidays to be able to back track to a past date and find the right starting level for your return to training.

Our 2015 Edition includes a completely re-vamped level testing protocol for you to sink your teeth into, along with all the essentials developed over the last 6-years to make it a super comprehensive training tool to assist you in customizing your training.

In stock



The CrossFit Auckland Log Book includes:

  • 6-months of Daily Tracking (if used daily), monthly planning spreads and notes.
  • Personal Record tables for: Running, Rowing, Weightlifting, Olympic Lifting, Other Lifts and Skills, Gymnastic Movements, 2min Maxes, Benchmark Workouts plus blank tables for more.
  • Fitness in 100 Words
  • Ten Recognised General Physical Skills
  • Level Testing Record tables
  • Girth Measurement Record tables
  • Anthropometrics Record tables
  • Goal Charting tables
  • Record of Personal Health/Injuries

The Log Book does not expire when crossing over a year end.