• CFAK Drink Bottle

    $12.00 inc gst
    Not just cool, but a bottle that's also tough and functional.
    • Recyclable 750ml drink bottle made from BPA free Tritan copolyester which is impact and shatter resistant
    • Tritan is dishwasher safe and odour resistant

    $9.00 inc gst
    Work on your mobility and recovery with the Again Faster Lacrosse Ball. Small enough to take with you so you can mobilize anywhere.
  • Training Log Book

    $35.00 inc gst
    Our experience has shown that members who keep detailed training logs are better equipped to make educated decisions about the training in-front of them each day choosing appropriate loads and skill levels.  It’s especially important if you’ve been off due to illness, injury or holidays to be able to back track to a past date and find the right starting level for your return to training. Our 2015 Edition includes a completely re-vamped level testing protocol for you to sink your teeth into, along with all the essentials developed over the last 6-years to make it a super comprehensive training tool to assist you in customizing your training.
    • RockGuards calf/shin protection
    • 50% Neoprene, 50% Lycra
    • Great for CrossFit training, mountain biking, obstacle course racing.
    • Hand wash, air dry
  • Stabilising your knees is essential during all functional movements. RockTape Assassin Knee Sleeves are specifically designed to provide stability and compression when performing functional movements such as deadlifts, pistols and squats. Unlike other supports, RockTape Assassin Knee Sleeves are vertically engineered and designed to compress the VMO (vastus medials) at its insertion point above the patella to help ensure proper stability and tracking. They also provide compression and warmth to promote blood flow. IPF and IWF legal for raw and open competition. Assassins can be used in a variety of sports and fitness pursuits, including: weightlifting, high-intensity interval training, obstacle course racing, running, cycling and other functional fitness endeavors. Sizing Measure the circumference of your knee around the center of your patella. Assassins start very snug and can take a few sessions to break in. If you measure on the higher end of a size, we recommend ordering the next size up.
    • extra small 24cm - 28cm
    • small 29cm - 32cm
    • medium 33cm - 36cm
    • large 37cm - 40cm
    • extra large 41cm - 46cm
  • Available in a pack of 5 pairs in Yellow, Pink or Black
    Self adhesive single use hand protection. Chalk and sweat friendly.
    Measures 3″ wide x 9.25″ Long (7.5cm x 23cm) to offer maximum coverage.
    While there isn’t a substitute for your bare hands on the bar, WOD&DONE is your best alternative. These are the thinnest form of hand protection on the market. So thin that it feels like wearing nothing at all. They won't affect your grip, preserving the natural feel of the bar while still protecting your hands.
    Unlike other grips these won't compromise performance with bulky material.
  • Wrist Wraps are 12 inches in length for added wrist support. The wraps are made with 3" wide extra heavyweight cotton elastic and have a wide hook and loop closure. Made in the USA. Sold in pairs.