Lisa O’Neill

CEO & Founder
CEO & Founder

Lisa’s highlights

Lisa O’Neill has 28 years fitness industry experience across a range of roles and achievements prior to owning CrossFit Auckland; including 16 years as a personal trainer and group training instructor and a career in facility management and fitness product development. Previously specialising in team and group training innovation for Les Mills New Zealand, Lisa spent over 7 years in senior management positions.

Now co-founder, CEO and head coach for CrossFit Auckland. Since opening the doors in 2008 Lisa has been major contributors to the growth of CrossFit training methodologies in New Zealand.

Lisa started her journey in the fitness industry as a Group Fitness instructor in 1993. She quickly climbed the ladder to become one of Melbourne’s leading freestyle Step Moves instructors and later an instructor of LM Group Fitness classes in 6 programs. Also working as a Group Fitness Manager, her passion for instructor development inspired her to become a National Trainer and Workshop Presenter for LM Australia before moving to New Zealand where she continued her career as a Trainer and Facilitator of Exercise Professionals and National Group Exercise Assessor.

In 2007 she led the re-development of Certification Training for BodyTrainer™ personal trainers, also creating a range of innovative tools and resources to develop the business and service skills of New Zealand’s top personal trainers.

As a leader in the fitness industry, many of Lisa’s concepts have become industry standard practice. Her list of achievements is testament to her success and versatility as a fitness leader, programer and coach.

Lisa believes Group Training’ is the present and future of fitness: “People are motivated by team spirit, programming innovation and fast measurable results. CrossFit coaches master the ability to deliver highly effective exercise techniques in a group training environment to clients of all ages, fitness and skill levels. This results in high levels of skill transference to the clients, and strong member to member bonds.”

Lisa’s first passion is in training and education. She pursues practices that achieve outstanding results for people and enjoys working with clients to reclaim function and optimal movement. Now co-founder and CEO of CrossFit Auckland and CrossFit Auckland Central, building a CrossFit community.

Because I’m a teacher at heart and it’s a privilege in life to give your gift to others.

I get to help people move better and become fitter, stronger and more confident everyday. What we achieve in the gym has a huge impact in members lives outside of here. The stories that members have shared with us over the years are very moving and makes everything worth it.

I’ve also spent a good part of my life training trainers and coaches to help and educate more people than I could affect on my own. I get a lot of joy from contributing to others and passing on what I’ve learnt over the years.

  • CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer (CF-L2).
  • CrossFit® Olympic Weightlifting Coach – under USAW Coach Mike Burgener.
  • CrossFit® Gymnastics Level I Coach – under GSX Athletics’ Jeff Tucker.
  • CrossFit® Coaches Prep Course – under Coaches Adrian Bozman and Austin Begiebing.
  • CrossFit® Movement and Mobility Coach – under Dr Kelly Starrett.
  • CrossFit® Kids Coach – under Coach Todd Widman.
  • CrossFit® Defence Trainer – under Tony Blauer, of Blauer Tactical.
  • CrossFit® Judges Course 2018.
  • CrossFit® Scaling Course.
  • CATALYST ATHLETICS Certified Weightlifting Coach – under Coach Greg Everett.
  • IKFF Certified Kettlebell Trainer (CKT) – under IKFF President Steve Cotter.
  • Freestyle Connection – Gymnastics Movement Seminar – Coach Carl Paoli.
  • HangStrong Gymnastic Movement – FalseGrip Workshop.
  • HangStrong Gymnastic Movement – BlindChange Workshop.
  • Landmark® Graduate.
  • 27 years fitness industry experience: Club Manager, Personal Trainer, Group Exercise Specialist & Instructor, Program & Product Development, Trainer & Facilitator of Exercise Professionals, National Group Exercise Assessor, Owner & CEO of CrossFit Auckland, Coach.
Lisa’s achievements include the development of popular Team Training programs Les Mills LOOK BETTER NAKED® and Les Mills BOOTCAMP®, which changed the way people engage in fitness programs throughout New Zealand. The third of these developments, Les Mills SPARTAN™, was designed by Lisa and Alex Porter and was based on GPP and CrossFit training methodologies.

One of Lisa’s projects was a hugely successful bootcamp Charity Team Event, which saw 120 corporate participants and celebrities raise over $56k in just 4 weeks. This bootcamp went on to be an annual charity fundraiser.

In 2007 she led the re-development of Certification Training for BodyTrainer™ personal trainers, also creating a range of innovative tools and resources to develop the business and service skills of New Zealand’s top personal trainers.

In 2009 Lisa and Alex together founded the annual CrossFit Auckland Games later re-named CrossFit Auckland’s Battle of the Fittest which became known as New Zealand’s premier test of Fitness for open (or Rx) level competitors to test their training efficacy and prepare for high profile international competitions such as the CrossFit Games Regionals. Battle of the Fittest has seen stop level athletes travel from around NZ to compete for six consecutive years.

The highlight of my day is taking Little Dude to the beach to run and play.

I love movies and read for enjoyment. I watch allot of live streaming and video education to expand my knowledge and thinking.

I’m a sun lover and love the beach and island locations, this is where I feel most at peace. My home town is Melbourne – Australia, so I’m pretty happy taking any Aussie trip to the red dust and gum trees.