CrossFit Auckland Kids GymMy son’s main sport is competitive swimming. Although he swims at a reasonable level, he thought that he was lacking power in the water. So he joined CrossFit Auckland’s programme for teenagers. He has been doing CrossFit for two school terms now and the results have been phenomenal. Not only did his fitness levels go up considerably (and he was already a very fit young man), his overall body strength increased after as little as half a term. His friends even noticed a difference and his swim coach started asking what else he was doing beside swimming. But the most noticeable benefits were his new personal best times. After two terms of doing CrossFit only twice a week, he has managed to swim very convincing personal best times in all the events he entered at the most recent competition.

My son’s confidence has grown since being involved with CrossFit Auckland because the coaches are amazing, encouraging and uplifting. I can recommend CrossFit Auckland to any young person, novice or experienced sportsperson, as a sport of its own or to compliment another sport. No excuse for not getting our teenagers involved in sport. Sessions are only 45 minutes long so the ‘no time’ excuse does not add up… My son is proof that CrossFit does work!

Jade is a primarily a music student but we believe it is important she participate in physical activity for a good life balance. Jade has been doing swimming lessons for a number of years but became stuck with freestyle in particular due to a quite obvious lack of stamina. She would go really well for a while then hit the wall, struggling for breath and stopping constantly. Since taking up CrossFit Kids about 6 months ago Jade has gone from strength to strength. Her times have improved to such an extent that she has moved up 3 groups in the last month alone. She is loving her swimming again and has just been asked by the local club to attend nationals next year (and who saw that coming!!). The change has been simply amazing. Jade has just turned 12 and is really enjoying her time at CrossFit Auckland and always looks forward to classes. It is not just the swimming though but overall fitness and confidence, seen in the fact that Jade went from well down the field in last year’s school cross country to 1st girl (whole school) and 4th overall this year. Amazing.

Thanks guys, you are awesome!


CrossFit Kids and HockeyJaiden started CrossFit Kids a year ago. I have noticed a big improvement in his agility, stamina and fitness. I definitely think that going to CrossFit Auckland has helped in all sports. Carol

CrossFit Auckland Kids WeightliftingI wanted to say thank you to you and your team at CrossFit Auckland for your outstanding Teens programme. Henry is 15 and has only started at CrossFit Auckland Teens at the beginning of this term. We wanted to find something for him to compliment his Water polo training and this has been perfect.
We have already had comments from other parents in regards to his increased fitness, stamina and strength. Aside from these positives Henry really enjoys it and looks forward to his training sessions. He finds his coach very approachable and encouraging and thoroughly enjoys meeting new challenges and pushing himself further each time. Our only other comment is that he wishes he could come to training more often.

Your programme has not only made a difference to his strength and fitness but also to his confidence so thank you CrossFit Auckland Teens!

CrossFit Auckland Teens GymI see life in pictures and CrossFit is an Instagram collage – it’s a combination of cardio, strength and elements of gymnastics all in one framework.

Hi my name is Grace and I have been doing CrossFit Auckland Teens now for 3 years; my health, fitness, motor skills and confidence have improved significantly.

I like how enthusiastic Coaches Matiu and Dave are when teaching and training us teens. They make the workouts fun, giving us plenty of support and encouragement throughout the sessions.

The fitness and nutrition knowledge I’ve gained at CrossFit Auckland helps me in my role as a member of the school health committee. My goal is to raise awareness about and take action to change health issues that teenagers face by creating a ‘Greencard’ app. (still a work in progress). Teenagers use this card like a GPS, linking help and advice on health, fitness, bullying, drugs, drinking, teenage anxiety and depression. On route to support groups who offer healthy options, set personal goals and monitor the teenagers progress.

My ‘Greencard’ is linked to CrossFit Auckland because it’s my healthy option and I love being a citizen of this community.

CrossFit Auckland Kids FitnessMy son Anton started at CrossFit Auckland 6 months ago as a Junior Teen member. Anton does enjoy his main sport (Hockey) but is also very much a homebody who prefers a book (or a great many of them) or the iPad instead of going outside and kicking a ball. At first he was apprehensive as he only went to CrossFit as part of a deal with us parents to get him more active. I was fully prepared to get a sullen child back at the end of the class – but he had a big smile on his face instead.

Since then, every week he is looking forward to going, he even talked so much to his friends about it that 3 of them signed up last term as well.

For him the combination of building up some strength, being part of a group, having a coach (Dave) who is not only encouraging but who also makes the classes fun and the added bonus that it is not all about a workout but about having fun with a game (like dodgeball) at the end.

A fantastic side effect is that Anton’s flexibility has increased immensely. As a toe walker from a toddler age his muscles and ligaments have become very short/tight and squatting or lunging was near impossible for him. After going once a week to a CrossFit Auckland Teens class, Anton is now able to do both those things and is immensely proud of it.

He is now at a stage where he can move up to the Senior Teens and again, apprehension is having the upper hand at the moment but I am sure that the encouraging team of coaches will make sure he will leave every session feeling happy and with a sense of achievement!

CrossFit Kids and SportsBrianna and Courtney are junior teen CrossFit Auckland members. They have a love for sailing and recently went to Australia to compete in the Australian National Optimist Competition in Melbourne. All the best from Australia were there along with top NZ sailors. Both placed well in a field of 350+ sailors with Courtney taking out the 2nd Girl in Australia trophy. (Go Kiwi!)

To be competitive in their sport they require a good fitness level of strength, core, stamina and endurance to compete at a high level in a field mainly made up of boys. They are rigging boats at 8am, on the water shortly after and do not come in till late afternoon after racing all day. Joining CrossFit has allowed them to get Attitude. Attitude to learn to get stronger, learn fitness disciplines and acquire an attitude to push themselves hard. To push through exhaustion and dig deep even after hours out on the sea. We have a saying pre-race ‘Push hard like at CrossFit’ It’s a bit of a cycle. Sailing drives them for better fitness and better fitness drives them to want to be stronger competitors.

It is a crazy, fun and exciting time the girls are now in and enjoying every bit of it. Now even in their free time they make up their own bodyweight routines. Running, doing burpees, handstands all over the show, push ups, all on their own with no Dave to push them :). I have seen a big change in them since CrossFit Auckland. They now love to work out! Big thanks CrossFit Auckland for helping with this new attitude, helping them to grow a strength of body and spirit to strive to be the best they can be in their sport. Proud Mum – Julia.

Hi Lisa,

I just want to let you know about Kiera’s amazing CrossFit experience last week. Kiera has been having a rough time with friends at school lately as we all know 8 year old girls can be mean. I got called to see the principle last Tuesday after school as Kiera had been upset at school and the principle was worried about her. We had planned to go to CrossFit Kids that afternoon and I seriously thought of skipping it as Kiera was so down. Anyway we went and it was the best decision. Coach Antoinette welcomed us as usually with a big smile, Kiera loves her by the way.

Tuesday is not our usual day so Kiera knew none of the kids in the class and they were all a few years older. I could see her before the class looking nervous and scared. As soon as class started Coach Antoinette introduced Kiera and to the class by saying she was a great CrossFitter so to watch out. I could see Kiera’s face light up for the first time that day so proud that her coach thought this of her. During the class Kiera had fun she was cheered on by the other children and got her first ever double under.

As class finished Coach Antoinette insisted that Kiera ring the bell downstairs in front of all the big kids and write her name on the board. I just about cried, Kiera was beaming, she skipped out of the class, and spoke the whole way home about her great class and insisted on ringing anyone that understood what a double under was to tell them about it.
I love the fact that the children are treated the same as the adults celebrating their achievements and building that community at a very young age. To see Kiera learn that a bad day can be turned around by CrossFit, a great coach and an amazing community reminds me why I chose CrossFit Auckland and have not left despite living out west. All the coaches are amazing but what Antoinette builds up in those little ones hearts is amazing, and I thought you should know.

Thanks to all of you. I love this place more and more every day love Tash.

CrossFit Auckland Kids FitnessThe last few years we have tried a number of sport activities with our kids (two boys age 9 and 10). It was always the same story, they refused to go anymore and we’d stop. It is the complete opposite with CrossFit Auckland Kids. The boys have never ever not wanted to go. They are disappointed when they cannot go, like during the holidays.

Alex, the boys coach, is the one who makes it always new and fun. They learn discipline and build physical strength and endurance in a fun and playful way. Never have I heard the word “boring”. I am very happy they learn to use their body in a correct way. They are shown proper form of how to do exercises which is wonderful because they can build on that for the rest of their lives. A strong body shows a strong mind. Eventually the only competition is with ones self. A great thing to learn at a young age!

Thank you Alex, Lisa and Antoinette.

CrossFit Auckland Kids gymHi,

I just want to thank you for the extraordinary difference that CrossFit has made to Michael. He’s now been coming to CrossFit Auckland Kids for a couple of years, and the changes we have seen in his self esteem, let alone his fitness and muscular development have been incredible. He loves CrossFit and comes three times each week and is devastated if he has to miss a class.

The other thing that we are thrilled about is that he is mixing with like-minded teenagers who are all benefiting from the positive attitude towards fitness and health.
Tracey C

We’ve just been disscusing with our boys how they feel about CrossFit Auckland Kids Gym and I must say, writing this can’t compare to seeing their expressions of joy and laughter… Hirini is (box) jump’n over everything and TeRangi is deadlifting everything. What makes it even better is that as a CrossFitter myself I can relate to what and how they do it, which as a dad is so cool! Our two boys (aged 9 & 11) have been attending CrossFit Auckland Kids for a year. Over this period of time we have noticed significant developments in fitness, confidence and health.

The boys always comment on the satisfaction they get out of CrossFit Kids and the joy of being coached by Alex. The different skills our boys have learnt has definitely given them more confidence to try different tasks. Knowing they have a great environment at CrossFit Kids makes it alot easier for them to give things a go. Being an active CrossFit member as well makes workouts a lot more competitive in our household with regular talks about what WOD was done for the day. We would totally recommend CrossFit Auckland Kids to any parent.

Thanks Alex, Lisa and staff. Aaron Edwards

I like CrossFit Auckland Teens because it is a lot of fun but at the same time it also gets you fit! It gives you a chance to use different or new equipment and use them in lots of different ways. CrossFit with Alex is lots of fun as you get encouraged to try lots of different things in a fun environment, I have also got to know lots of new people which is also fun. Alex sometimes gives us homework to do over the week which is sometimes hard but I feel a sense of achievement once I have done it.

I am a competitive swimmer and CrossFit has helped me with my Swimming. It has made me more explosive off the blocks, helped me swim longer distances and I have become faster. CrossFit Auckland Teens allows you to meet new people that have the same desire as you… to get fit, and be the best you can be at your sport. I think that CrossFit is a great opportunity and that everyone should give it a go.

We enrolled Olivia in CrossFit Auckland Teens as we wanted some land based training that would help Olivia’s swim training. We were also looking for something that would increase her physical ability in sports outside swimming as we felt she needed something else besides 5 two hour swim sessions a week. Olivia is in her second term of CrossFit and we have seen her meet all her swimming goals as her overall fitness has improved, as well as her self confidence in sports outside swimming. Olivia’s overall strength and flexibility has increased as well as her attitude towards other sports.
Olivia when asked if she wanted to continue CrossFit Auckland Teens for the last term of 2010 responded “heck yeah!” The team at CrossFit Auckland is fantastic with teens and we have no hesitation in recommending CrossFit Auckland Teens for all teens looking to improve their sporting ability, confidence and overall attitude.

Joe started with CrossFit in March 2009 at age 12 with the specific objectives of improving his stamina, strength and fitness to support his performance for school and North Harbour representatives at hockey and cricket. Joe loves his personal coaching sessions and looks forward to the new challenges presented each week. I believe that the one on one coaching sessions have directly led to Joe being recognized as a North Harbour U13 representative for hockey and for his appointment prior to injury to the North Harbour A cricket team. Joe’s cricket coach has acknowledged that Joe puts 100% into his fitness training to the point where he would win the CrossFit PUKIE award! We encourage this!
Last week Joe was the first in his year to finish the Round the Bays run in 46 minutes– long distance running is not something we have targeted but the lessons he has learned at CrossFit Auckland have facilitated his ability to beat not just his class mates but his teachers. Since Joe joined CrossFit Auckland his older brother Bobby Mayes (aged 17) and I have joined the Class Workout programme. We strongly recommend CrossFit Auckland to everyone irrespective of age, fitness or location.

William began CrossFit in February 2010 as part of the CrossFit Auckland Teens programme. William has both dyslexia and dyspraxia and began the programme with poor core strength and week physical fitness. The changes have been dramatic. Academically, William has been able to focus better in class, organize himself and his items, and achieve mostly A’s in the first term report. Physically, William traditionally finishes last in the yearly cross country competition. This year, he was able to finish the race, without stopping, with another 15 students behind him.

He does enjoy sport, but due to his dyspraxia, struggles with normal co-ordination activities. During cricket this season he scored the team’s 3rd highest run score and began regularly taking wickets. It has been remarkable the change in his ability to concentrate, focus, and co-ordinate during sports. And to my surprise, after each session, whether it be a group CrossFit Auckland Teens session or a private coaching session, he is on a high. He loves it. I believe the change in his ability is due to CrossFit’s focus on core strength and co-ordination activities, linking the right and left brain functions. I have now begun personal coaching at CrossFit Auckland myself – it looks like too much fun.

After an injury start to Rachel’s netball session in 2009 and the recovery that went with it, we looked at options to improve her fitness. She was 12, very sporty and was playing School Netball and Hockey for the respective top teams in her age group. Combined with Club Netball and being selected for the Netball North Harbour Y8 Representative Squad there wasn’t a great deal of ‘Me Time’ between game and practice commitments. On a recommendation from a team mate, Rachel began a Personal Training session with the lovely Emma that fitted into her busy schedule. Although she found it hard to start with, each week as different and as the year went on enjoyable. She recognized in herself she felt much better. She had much more energy and was playing netball so much better.

Teenagers have no idea about how important core strength is to their physical being and their sports. Rachel also grew 5 inches in the year and her body shape changed as she became a teenager. The fitness helped this process also. At the end of the winter session people were saying how much her netball had improved. When it came to the summer season with less sport commitments she also added a CrossFit Teen session to her routine (doing two actual fitness sessions in a week). During the end of the winter season and the summer term of Netball both the coaching staff at Kristin school and the Development Manager for Netball North Harbour said ‘Whatever Rachel is doing for her fitness – keep it up – as it has improved her playing ability out of sight.’

Rachel was asked to trial in early 2010 for the Netball North Harbour Performance Centre. She was ecstatic to be asked to join this select group after the trials and the commitment that goes with it. We firmly believe CrossFit Auckland Kids is what singly made the difference to her overall fitness that has allowed her to be selected into the Performance Centre and will continue to do what sessions are needed to maintain her fitness for her sporting commitments.

CrossFIt Auckland Kids TrainingHi! I just thought I would show you an article in the Pinehurst School Newsletter that mentions my son – Jack Simpson – he has been selected for the NZ Trampoline Team and it mentions CrossFit too! Many thanks for your part in helping him condition. Jack loves your classes, he gets a good workout and he loves the camaraderie of the group.


Congratulations Jack Simpson

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Congratulations to Jack Simpson (Year 8), who has been selected for the New Zealand Trampoline team, and will compete in the 2015 Australian National Championships.
Jack will be competing in the U15 Individual, Sychronised and Double Mini Trampoline competitions at the HiSense Arena in Melbourne in May.
It is a huge achievement to obtain the marks needed to qualify as a 12 year old in the U15 Division – Jack has done this through hard work, training 5 days a week, and a CrossFit programme.

I was a bit nervous about moving up to Dave’s group because I didn’t think that I would be as strong as the other kids but Dave told me that everyone worked at their own level. I did a trial class, really enjoyed it and signed up.
I love that we do different things all the time…. it’s hard work but lots of fun. I’m always excited to see what WOD we are going to do. Another really good thing that we do is talking about healthy foods, what we should eat and when we should eat them.
I want to get better at squats because I want to be able to do overhead squats, but my main goal is to be able to do a handstand against the wall.