CrossFit Auckland Kids GymMy son’s main sport is competitive swimming. Although he swims at a reasonable level, he thought that he was lacking power in the water. So he joined CrossFit Auckland’s programme for teenagers. He has been doing CrossFit for two school terms now and the results have been phenomenal. Not only did his fitness levels go up considerably (and he was already a very fit young man), his overall body strength increased after as little as half a term. His friends even noticed a difference and his swim coach started asking what else he was doing beside swimming. But the most noticeable benefits were his new personal best times. After two terms of doing CrossFit only twice a week, he has managed to swim very convincing personal best times in all the events he entered at the most recent competition.

My son’s confidence has grown since being involved with CrossFit Auckland because the coaches are amazing, encouraging and uplifting. I can recommend CrossFit Auckland to any young person, novice or experienced sportsperson, as a sport of its own or to compliment another sport. No excuse for not getting our teenagers involved in sport. Sessions are only 45 minutes long so the ‘no time’ excuse does not add up… My son is proof that CrossFit does work!

Jade is a primarily a music student but we believe it is important she participate in physical activity for a good life balance. Jade has been doing swimming lessons for a number of years but became stuck with freestyle in particular due to a quite obvious lack of stamina. She would go really well for a while then hit the wall, struggling for breath and stopping constantly. Since taking up CrossFit Kids about 6 months ago Jade has gone from strength to strength. Her times have improved to such an extent that she has moved up 3 groups in the last month alone. She is loving her swimming again and has just been asked by the local club to attend nationals next year (and who saw that coming!!). The change has been simply amazing. Jade has just turned 12 and is really enjoying her time at CrossFit Auckland and always looks forward to classes. It is not just the swimming though but overall fitness and confidence, seen in the fact that Jade went from well down the field in last year’s school cross country to 1st girl (whole school) and 4th overall this year. Amazing.

Thanks guys, you are awesome!


CrossFit Kids and HockeyJaiden started CrossFit Kids a year ago. I have noticed a big improvement in his agility, stamina and fitness. I definitely think that going to CrossFit Auckland has helped in all sports. Carol

CrossFit Auckland Kids WeightliftingI wanted to say thank you to you and your team at CrossFit Auckland for your outstanding Teens programme. Henry is 15 and has only started at CrossFit Auckland Teens at the beginning of this term. We wanted to find something for him to compliment his Water polo training and this has been perfect.
We have already had comments from other parents in regards to his increased fitness, stamina and strength. Aside from these positives Henry really enjoys it and looks forward to his training sessions. He finds his coach very approachable and encouraging and thoroughly enjoys meeting new challenges and pushing himself further each time. Our only other comment is that he wishes he could come to training more often.

Your programme has not only made a difference to his strength and fitness but also to his confidence so thank you CrossFit Auckland Teens!