CrossFit Kids & Teens is a progressive coach led kids gym program offering classes in the following age groups: Kids – 5 to 9yrs, Juniors – 10 to 13yrs and Teens – 14 to 18yrs. Following this, teenagers matriculate into adult CrossFit classes. The class structure across the age groups is generally the same. Classes include a warmup, skill drills and workout and exercise intensive games. For Juniors and Teens we’d encourage post workout study as research has found there is an optimal learning capacity of the brain for 20-40 minutes after exercise.

The CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens fitness program combines gymnastics, body weight calisthenics and weightlifting elements to develop capacity across ten general physical skills: cardio-respiratory endurance, power, strength, stamina, speed, agility, flexibility, balance, accuracy, and co-ordination. Additional elements that encourage bone density development, cross body movements and exercises that involve the vestibular system are also incorporated.

Children and teens have a greater opportunity (relative to adults) to maximise their physical skills when exposed to this stimulus during years of peak development. The elements are combined to keep children engaged and entertained, while teaching them proper movement technique and creating a broad athletic foundation. Nutrition is also discussed as the basis of athletic performance and health within a supportive community.

Coaches will determine and discuss with parents when children are ready to move from one program level to the next. This will differ for each child; the age recommendations for each program are just that. When a child is ready to move onto the next class, graduation will be awarded and the coach will advise the parents. There are three primary elements that are evaluated: physical capacity, behavioural ability/control, and safety. Many children excel in one area but not in another. Graduation is at our discretion and we attempt to place all children in the appropriate class.

In some cases a child’s needs may not be met by the class environment, in which case the assessing coach will advise private training as an option.

CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens focuses on a child’s motor and cognitive skills by teaching proper movement in an interactive and fun group setting through challenging the children to think about their movement, count their repetitions, remember sequences and work towards goals. CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens supplements a child or teen’s involvement in sports by incorporating strength training and conditioning to make our participants better athletes at any sport or play.

In addition to increasing a child’s fitness and athleticism, CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens:

  • instills a lifelong definition of health and positive body image (what they can do vs. how they look)
  • improves cognitive function
  • reverses prevalent health issues such as obesity
  • protects against injury
  • creates a community of like-minded individuals for support and self-confidence
  • hones life skills such as focus, perseverance, dedication, motivation, and goal-setting.

The goal of CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens is to provide the knowledge, ability, and skills which will allow our youth to grow and mature instilled with the virtues of an active and healthy lifestyle. As well as playing an active role in injury prevention for children participating in specialty sports.

One of the hallmarks of CrossFit Kids & Teens is inclusion. Training in a group of peers can have a profound positive effect, increasing daily compliance with the program, pushing mental and physical limits, and maintaining a positive sense of self (Beets et al. and Vorhees et al.). Children that are deconditioned will also benefit from exercising in a group. The key to incorporating children with various physical abilities is in modulating the planned workout, often referred to as scaling, to accommodate differing abilities and capacities. The immediate goal is inclusion and maintenance of the general movement patterns, the long-term goal is to have each individual continue to improve and require a decreasing amount of scaling.

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We encourage parents to support their children maintain consistency in CrossFit attendance and provide healthy meals at home and for school. Healthy meals consist of protein, carbohydrate, and fat at every meal. The guidelines we follow are: lean meat, vegetables, nuts, and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar and no or fewer grains. These foods are the optimal fuel for our bodies. We emphasize the importance of unprocessed, natural foods in balanced proportions.

Please pack or purchase water so that your child/ren stay well hydrated. We encourage use of a sports towel, comfortable layered clothing for changes in temperature, and athletic shoes (flat styles ar