The workout sessions are constantly varied. We keep your interest and your curiosity levels high in anticipation of the workouts. Depending on the workout of the day, the coach may direct or lead a group warm up followed by technique review and practice dedicated to skills training and development.

The coach will brief the workout of the day (WOD), and ensure everyone is set up with exercise progressions that suit their current capabilities. When you arrive you should warm up and mobilise until the coach begins the session. The skills training component will thoroughly prepare your body for the workout to follow. We also allow time for stretching after class.

You will enjoy the combination of personal attention and social interaction that CrossFit Auckland classes allow.

One of the many great things about CrossFit is that every workout can be scaled or modified to suit all abilities. What that means is that a new CrossFitter and a veteran CrossFitter can do the same workout, and the workout is adapted according to your skill and fitness level. We teach our members how to adapt the workouts and the coach always provide modifications in our group classes.

You do not need to get in shape before starting at CrossFit Auckland. That’s what we’re here for.

No.There is a common misconception that CrossFit is only for elite athletes. The truth is that it’s for everyone. Sure, we say we are “forging elite fitness” and we are. This means that you start the journey wherever you’re at today. And, if you stay on our path it’s likely that you will get in to the best physical and mental shape of your life.

The CrossFit Auckland community is comprised of working professionals, parents, people that had never stepped foot into a gym, people with physical ailments, competitive athletes and former athletes. Our program is the most efficient, most effective regimen for everyone.

Your CrossFit Auckland Coach will instruct you how to perform a progression of the exercise as an alternative. This could be a modified version of the exercise prescribed or a foundational exercise that will develop the required strength and skill, progressing you toward the prescribed exercise.

Whenever you train at CrossFit Auckland you will always have an experienced coach helping you to get the best out of your workout. We believe that the movements, skills and programming methods that we use provide superior results and require a higher level of coaching than a traditional gym setting.

You can expect proven methods and programming, detailed movement coaching, individual attention, development for competitive athletes, skilled coaching in weightlifting, gymnastic elements and Kettlebell training amongst other exercise disciplines.

Because it’s challenging to define what constitutes a family, we do not offer a family membership specifically. People’s definition is very personal and usually based on their own circumstances.

Instead we offer loyal customers (regardless of their status) a “saving” on membership.

At CrossFit Auckland when you commit to a longer minimum term you make significant savings for your loyalty to the club.  We also offer a 10% discount on Kids & Teens training fees to members of CrossFit Auckland as a family discount.

CrossFit Auckland offers a 15% discount on CrossFit membership to full time students and senior cardholders, sworn-in military, law enforcement, EMS and fire service.


Our Free Trial Workout is specifically programmed with guests in mind to include exercises that are less technical in nature to ensure the very best experience.

If you like what you see and join our club, we’ll teach you all the cool technical stuff during the CrossFit Basic Training program.

You’ll need water, a towel, and running or cross training shoes. If you have flat training shoes we will use these regularly. Wear comfortable training clothes that do not restrict your movement.

Yes. If you have a friend who is considering CrossFit Auckland membership or just wants to come along and share a workout with you, we have Bring a Friend Day once a month on a Saturday.  Your buddy should be sure to arrive 10 minutes early to complete a waiver and introduce themselves to the coach. Remind them to come with a water bottle and towel.