AFAP as fast as possible

AHAP as heavy as possible

AMRAP as many rounds (and reps) as possible

ATG ass to grass means your deepest squat

BOX a CrossFit gym. The word is used because traditionally CrossFit gyms are in garages and warehouses … a cement box.

BP bench press

BS back squat

BW body weight

CFT CrossFit Total

CTB chest to bar

C2 Concept II rowing machine

DL deadlift

DU double under

DUBS double unders

EMOM or EMOTM every minute on the minute

E2MOM or E3MOM every 2 minutes on the minute or every 3 minutes on the minute

FOR TIME  you are timing yourself

RFT rounds for time

FOR LOAD you are going for your heaviest load possible

FOR DISTANCE you are carrying something for your max distance possible

FS front squat

GHR or GHD glute ham raise (developer)

GHR is also a posterior chain exercise

GPP general physical preparedness, or all round fitness

GIRLS benchmark workouts that are named using a girls name i.e. FRAN or GRACE. These are generally amongst some of the first named CrossFit benchmark workouts.

HEROES heroes workouts are named after military, law enforcement and firefighters that have died in the line of duty.

GTG grease the groove, a protocol of doing many sub-maximal sets of an exercise throughout the day