Connor Ferguson

CrossFit Auckland Coach
CrossFit Auckland Coach

Some of Connor’s highlights

Connor has been a swimmer and water polo player for as long as he can remember. He captained his water polo team in high school and played in several representative teams for North Harbour.  He discovered his love of coaching when invited to coach his high school’s junior team for two years. Beginning his CrossFit journey with the CrossFit Auckland Teens in 2013, Connor realised his passion for CrossFit in 2017, when he competed in his first CrossFit Open.

Connor currently studies a Bachelor of Design with honours at Massey’s College of Creative Arts in Wellington. His other interests include music, acting, photography and painting.

My passion for coaching and encouraging growth in others began when I coached water polo. I love to watch my clients progress and grow with my input, to help them succeed in their reaching their goals. CrossFit has so many more benefits than just fitness, from confidence to physical and mental wellbeing. Seeing a client realise these is incredibly rewarding. 

CrossFit is something I believe I will be doing for life. Coaching CrossFit broadens my own knowledge and technique as I continue to study, learn and implement. I enjoy being able to share something that has done so much for me.

I am continually inspired by those I coach and train alongside and hope that I can inspire others in return

  • CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer (CF-L1)
  • CrossFit® Kids Coach
  • CrossFit Auckland Intern Program
You probably won’t find me, I’ll be in Wellington! Currently, you can only catch me in Auckland when I am on break between semesters. During summer, you will find me outdoors or at the beach. I enjoy spending time with close friends on road trips and other adventures.