Murilo Nesti


CrossFitting since: November 2018

Favourite WOD: I don’t have one

What I hate to see on the board: Rope Climb

Favourite lift: Deadlift

Biggest transformation I’ve experienced as a result of being with CrossFit Auckland: Weight loss of 8kg already.

Most memorable CrossFit moment: The first week that I attended 5 training sessions in a row.

Before CrossFit: I used to play football.

Life outside CrossFit: I hang out with friends, beaches, bbq and beers and soccer!

Favourite meal: BBQ!!

Favourite movie: Brave Heart.

Favourite band or artist: Bob Marley

If you were to recommend CFAK to your best friend, what would you say? Try it, it’s not boring like the GYM, every day is a new challenge.

Thank you to Motion Health in Albany for giving Murilo $100 massage to congratulate him for his training efforts and consistency.