Hi CFAKers

This is week 6 of our 12-week program cycle. Today is a great day to check-in with your body, how it feels, assess your sleep, hydration, nutrition and energy levels. What is your body telling you? What is it you need to focus on this week?

For the 25 members taking part in The Chief Life nutrition and lifestyle program, it’s really great to read about the changes you are experiencing including faster recovery and less post workout muscle-soreness amongst many other great results.

Hopefully you are feeling fresh and recovered to take on Max Effort Monday, and the remainder of this week is intended to back off skeletal load, and absolutely back off the intensity if the body is in need of a recovery week. We have a great variety of calisthenic/gymnastic and body weight movements lined up for you.

In terms of our CrossFit Gymnastics skills focus, this is our final week working on Toes-to-Bar / Knees-to-Elbows and skipping skills, next week we move onto Ring Muscle-ups and Handstand Variations.



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