Grit, determination and perseverance

For our kids to succeed, they must face challenges, confront failure and learn to overcome difficult obstacles.

We grew up in a world where facing obstacles was the norm. Grit, determination and perseverance were the keys to getting by. But our children may not know that world. We work hard to earn a better life. Maybe our kids get it relatively easy and comfortable. And because of this, they are at a major disadvantage.

While there definitely isn’t just one method for instilling these values, we’ve discovered a way for teaching children the principles that matter most.

Thanks to CrossFit, our kids watch their parents and their friends make themselves uncomfortable — on purpose — so that they can become stronger and healthier. They watch roll-models modify workouts that are too hard. They watch us come in first, and dead last, behind everyone else in the gym. Because no matter what – we push ourselves to our limits. And the evidence of how hard it is, is right in front of them and dripping from our foreheads.

There’s much to learn by way of confronting difficulty, breaking it down into manageable steps, tackling the task no matter how uncomfortable or challenging, and giving our best effort on that day!

Let’s give our kids this advantage!



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