12 Week Training Cycle

A new 12-week training cycle started today!

We’re really excited to continue the work we’ve been doing bullet-proofing you with structural strength. We’ve done allot of work on the shoulders and core, as well as lower extremities and hips during the last 18 months, and we’re going to build further upon that with functional core and back strength after the conditioning workout three days a week.

Having built a stronger base, the main wod program incorporates more overhead exercises this cycle, featuring the jerk and split jerk at a higher frequency than we’ve seen for a while.

Max Effort Training is back on Mondays in a weightlifting format. This involves working up to a max single for the day in 30min. (or a max 2-3 reps for beginners).

Followed by an EMOM, which may be one or two movements. Depending on the style of the EMOM, these are intended to build skill/technique, strength improvements or endurance/cycling.

QuickFit is unrelated to the main wods and can be used for those who’d like another conditioning hit on any given day. Advantages especially on Monday and Tuesday if you want to double up on the primary strength and gymnastic focus.

Gymnastic Tuesday has been a great success split into two training blocks across a cycle. This cycle the two 6-week programs are:

Block 1 = TTB and adv KTE (Lats & Core) + Double Unders.

Block 2 = Ring Muscle-up (press down to rise up) + HS variations, balance, shifting, hspu, travel.

Scaling and adaptation of the prescribed program. Please remember if you are limited in any way or carrying injuries to consult with our Coaches and we will adapt and modify specifically to you. We want you to come as often as you can to build consistency, strength and overall fitness. Every workout can be adapted.

A key example is that some members with overhead limitations skip the days were Snatches, Overhead Squats and other overhead weightlifting movements are involved. Every Snatch and Clean includes a deadlift which develops the legs, posterior chain, hips and back, and is essential to the activities we do in every day life. This is a great example of why we should show up to training and leave the rest in the coaches hands. We’ve got you covered! We can also adapt barbell movements to dumbbells, kettlebells and other weightlifting apparatus, scale them back to bodyweight movements, or even seated positions. 

The CrossFit Auckland Coaching team are well equiped, highly educated and trained to adapt the training objective to any individual. That’s the service you pay for! And please remember to book in advance so the coaches can prepare ahead of time for the individuals who are attending. 

Enjoy the cycle. We’re looking forward to seeing you all develop from strength to strength!

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