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Jonny Melo de Souza Santos

Age: 28

CrossFitting since: May 2016

Favourite WOD: “MURPH”

What I hate to see on the board: Running.

Favourite lift: Snatch.

Biggest transformation I’ve experienced as a result of being with CrossFit Auckland: Doing actual squats in the squat rack & not bicep curls. It’s true, I never squatted before Crossfit, did only machines.

Most memorable CrossFit moment: At Metcon Madness 2018 when the ONE goal was not to put the bar down or you get 50 bar hops and Grumpy Chris dropped the bar.

Before CrossFit: I did regular gym.

Life outside CrossFit: BBQs and ginger beer.

Favourite meal: Pasta.

Favourite movie: Superman.

Favourite band or artist: Eminem

If you were to recommend CFAK to your best friend, what would you say?
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