Member Spotlight

Michał Chudziński-Pawłowski

Age: 34

CrossFitting since: March 2017

Favourite WOD: “BARBARA”

What I hate to see on the board: Wall Balls and Rowing.

Favourite lift: Snatch and Overhead Squat.

Biggest transformation I’ve experienced as a result of being with CrossFit Auckland: My body has changed significantly which gave me a bit more self-confidence and courage to do things I hadn’t been doing in the past.

Most memorable CrossFit moment: When I first did the handstand from a kick. I had never done them before, even at school. Such a fulfilling feeling. Also, the first rope climb – people who do the workouts with me know that I am afraid of heights very much.

Before CrossFit: I did regular gym back in Poland but saw no effects. Then I switched to yoga, step and pump classes which gave me some flexibility and improved my cardio. Occasional swimming as well. Other than that, I wasn’t very much into sports.

Life outside CrossFit: I’m a financial analyst/accountant, so I crunch numbers all the day long. Currently for one of the telcos. When not working or working out, I spend my time learning languages which is by far my biggest hobby. I am also involved in Postcrossing – exchanging postcards with random people from all over the world.

Favourite meal: No surprise here – cheesecake.

Favourite movie: I’m a huge fan of Star Trek so every ST movie is favourite by definition. If ST is taken out of the equation – The Fifth Element.

Favourite band or artist:Can’t decide if my number one is Celine Dion or Cher

If you were to recommend CFAK to your best friend, what would you say?
Come and have a go. This way you’ll know if it’s for you or not (although in my case it was two visit and a year of thinking). It’s heaps of fun and sweat. And it really is for everybody! You can pick the right progressions for you in class.


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