Hi Members, Dave and I circled back on the member feedback and coach input regarding the Christmas Celebration Competition. Everyone agrees that there’s allot of value in the clubs getting together as a community and people will really miss it if we don’t. Allot of members did vote for single club WODs although it seems we all agree meeting in the middle is the best outcome.

We will meet the feedback half way and resolve the actual issue people raised ie. cost and the suggestion that it becomes BYO and food and drinks to share. We believe most people will be happy with this compromise, and the people that value the cross community mixer would appreciate that not being disbanded.

Same sex teams of 3
Of the same Category : Rx or Scaled
2 Workouts

If you do most workouts as Rx, you must register as Rx. As a simple rule, if you have un-assisted pull-ups, toes-to-bar, handstand push-ups, please participate as Rx.

We look forward to celebrating the festive season together and having allot of fun on the day. We hope you will all join in!!


  • CrossFit Auckland, 19C Triton Drive, North Shore
  • 9:15am start. Finish time will be based on the number of teams.
  • Followed by community BBQ
  • Theme is Christmas fancy dress

BYO food and drinks, please bring a contribution for the table for the community shared lunch. Family welcome!

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