Member of the Month

Shea Turner

Age: 25

CrossFitting since: Off and on since December 2016

Favourite WOD: First WOD at CFAK, hero WOD “GLEN”

What I hate to see on the board: Wall Balls and Thrusters.

Favourite lift: Strict Press.

Biggest transformation I’ve experienced as a result of being with CrossFit Auckland: Being able to Handstand Walk!

Most memorable CrossFit moment: Every time I learn a new skill.

Before CrossFit: Rugby training and regular gym.

Life outside CrossFit: Chasing waterfalls.

Favourite meal: My Mums lasagne.

Favourite movie: Star Wars.

Favourite band or artist: Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

If you were to recommend CFAK to your best friend, what would you say?
Hurry up and get your ass back Michael Woodhall, the team misses you!

Special thanks to Motion Health at Apollo Health & Wellness Centre, for providing Shea’s reward gift!


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