Member Spotlight


Age: 39

CrossFitting since: August 2016

Favourite WOD: Don’t have one in particular but I do enjoy the endurance workouts or any GWOD.

What I hate to see on the board: Overhead squats.

Favourite lift: Snatch.

Biggest change in myself physically: Fat loss, strength, endurance.

Most memorable CrossFit moment: All the firsts perhaps. Not a better moment than when you finally get your first pull up, muscle up, handstand etc…

Before CrossFit: I did high intensity interval training for about 3 years, exercised to videos in the garage. haha

Life outside CrossFit: I like to keep active so bit of running, swimming and hiking and really enjoy exploring New Zealand. I moved from Christchurch to Auckland about 1.5 years ago so still lots to see on North Island.