Improve Your Aerobic Capacity

Course commences : 7am Friday 5th October
For how long : 7 Friday’s concluding 16th of November
Where : CrossFit Auckland and AUT Millennium
With : Coach Susan

While we use running as the primary tool to teach this course, the results and outcomes apply to all CrossFit workouts.

The coming program cycle is primarily focussed on anaerobic and aerobic capacity and speed/power-output; or getting work done fast! Learning how to pace, regulate heart rate and pushing to the anaerobic threshold without gassing out is an important skill to build.

There’s a high volume of running, rowing, skipping, box jumping, burpees and wall ball in the mix; along with our usual variety of body weight and weighted exercise repertoire.

It’s perfect timing for members to take the Aerobic Capacity workshop in conjunction with the start of the new program cycle!!

Need to pay the course off in instalments? No problem; speak with Susan.



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