Body Transformation Challenge

Six Week Transformation

Do you want to…

  • Lose body fat?
  • Increase your lean muscle mass?
  • Have more energy to train?

Register for Amanda Foubister’s Body Transformation Challenge. You could join others who have lost 7kg of body fat and gained 3kg of lean muscle*.

Amanda Foubister is a qualified sports and clinical nutritionist with over 15 years’ experience with a passion for helping people reach their health and fitness goals. Her clients range from professional athletes, models, CEOs, mums and people with chronic illnesses.

For this Body Transformation Challenge Amanda has developed four phases. In each phase, she has designed meal plans relevant to an individual’s basic metabolic rate and specific dietary requirements (food aversions, intolerances and/or vegetarian etc.).

*These results were the cumulative total across phase 1 and 2. Results may vary.

The Phases ~ Next Cycle starts 2nd July

To follow is a top-level overview of each phase.

Phase 1 ~ 6-weeks

  • Increase lean muscle mass and decrease body-fat.
  • You will focus on getting fitter and stronger.
  • You will learn how to be consistent with meal prep, diet and training.

Phase 2 ~ 6-weeks

  • The increase in lean muscle mass will be slower with more focus on burning body fat.
  • Maximise what you learnt in Phase 1 – efficient meal preparation consistency in adhering to meal plans and training programs.

Phase 3 ~ 6-weeks

  • This phase is going to be the toughest of all and is why it is also known as “The Hard Shred or Cut Phase”.
  • You will focus on maintaining the muscle you have built over the previous two phases and dropping fat quickly.
  • You will need to dig deep at all times and focus on getting the job done!
  • By now you know what your weaknesses are and how to overcome them.

Phase 4 ~ 6-weeks

  • In this phase, you will learn how to maintain your results.
  • Your plan will be flexible.
  • We will help you to build your own meal plan using a range of foods and different quantities.
  • You will receive tips on eating out and how to choose off a menu.
  • And finally, you will receive recipes that will inspire and help you to maintain your results.

What’s Included

  • Three meal plans based on whole foods specific to your basic metabolic rate and dietary requirements.
  • Before and after results pack including photos and body composition measurements using BIA medical grade scales.
  • Food diary to ensure you’re on track to reaching your goals.
  • The Body Transformation Challenge private community page where you can connect and share ideas with other CrossFit Auckland members doing the program.
  • We recommend Skin Fold calliper measurements ~ $25 additional per appointment. If you opt to have these you need to book for a double appointment block.

Weigh-in Dates

  • 28 June – Thursday Morning:  North Shore 6am – 10am
  • 29 June – Friday Morning:  Ponsonby 6am – 10am
  • 9 August – Thursday Morning:  North Shore 6am – 10am
  • 10 August – Friday Morning:  Ponsonby 6am – 10am

If you absolutely can-not make either of these times/locations, we can book you to attend Amanda’s clinic on Saturday morning between 7 and 10am in Grey Lynn.

How to Register

  • In-club by Eftpos or Credit Card.
  • On-line shop by Credit Card (secure)

$175 p/phase
$200 p/phase non-members
$25 p/appointment ~ Skin Fold calliper measurements

We’ll be in touch to lock in your weigh-in appointment and collect your personal history and pre-pre-screaning. Please complete this as soon as you receive the link so that we have your data collection before your weigh-in day.

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