I was conversing with Kent on Saturday. He was convinced that he wasn’t getting stronger while on the 6-week body transformation. Turns out after pressing him for his results, that he PRd every single lift during testing week!!
I had originally convinced Kent to do the Body Transformation Challenge after a similar conversation whereby he expressed that maybe wasn’t getting the kind of results he wanted anymore and he wondered if it was now time to tweak his nutrition; which he hadn’t changed because he eats pretty healthy all ready.
…so here’s some of Kents results
  • Snatch 63kg
  • C&J 75kg
  • Clean 82kg
  • Bench Press 93kg
  • Overhead Squat 45kg
  • “DIANNE” 7:19 down from 12:34
  • Both the CrossFit Total 345kg and the Other Total 220kg
  • 3PRs on Saturday after” doing the morning WOD. Individually, they are:
  • Back Squat 116kg
  • Press 66kg
  • Deadlift 163kg
This is just phenomenal to PR all 8 major lifts and continue to improve his Metcon all in unison.
I also pointed out to Kent that we have not been benching or back squatting in this current cycle and the transference from the variations of pressing and squatting featured in the program. As a point of interest his bench was a 13kg PR since the previous cycle!! I’m unsure by how much the other PRs improved.
Congratulations Kent for putting in the consistent training, and credit to Nutritionist Amanda Foubister for being a wizard at what she does. We’re so glad we teamed up with her to bring an effective nutrition program to our members at CrossFit Auckland and CrossFit Auckland Central, improving your health, your performance, fat loss and muscle growth … and all the other benefits you’re experiencing from the Body Transformation Program.

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