I have been attending classes at CrossFit Auckland for two years, throughout my life I have generally kept fit and done reasonably well with keeping active, playing sport, weight training on and off and in more recent years attending boot camp which I found very good. After moving house I decided to give CrossFit Auckland a try, my experience to date has been excellent. I feel it has taken the benefits I enjoyed from boot camp and taken it to a whole new level. 

The workouts are challenging, always varied, which means you never get bored. The coaching is excellent with a strong emphasis on teaching the right skills to challenge yourself safely. The members are friendly, like minded and range from beginners to super fit athletes. Importantly CrossFit Auckland can cater to every level of fitness and the coaches are excellent at scaling the workouts accordingly.

CrossFit suits me personally as the skill development means there is always a chance to grow which makes it very rewarding every time you take a step forward. Working out in a group means you get to push yourself to levels you could not possibly obtain by working out alone. I choose to attend the 30 minute QuickFit Express classes which means my workouts are both challenging and very efficient.

In recent months I have consistently added a weekly one on one personal training session with David Cooke, a CrossFit Auckland coach. This has given me a chance to focus even more on my skill development and mobility/ flexibility which has helped me get the most out of the group classes. Like the other CrossFit Auckland coaches, Dave is extremely knowledgable, an excellent motivator and very articulate with his coaching.

I turn 50 in a couple of months and I can honestly say I have never been stronger, leaner or in better shape than I am now and that includes my twenties! I have a young family which means I stay energized and get to play full out with the kids without concern.

If you are looking for transformational results, a fun experience in a great environment then I would strongly recommend having a chat to the team at CrossFit Auckland


Danny Logue

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