My experience at CrossFit Auckland thus far. 

At 47 I was 108Kg and technically obese according to my BMI. I was unable to maintain running due to damage I had done to my Achilles attachments on both heels caused  by running long distance events overweight and without proper training!

This is when things got interesting, I used to Trail Run in Inov-8 shoes and was at Shoe Science Albany and they had CrossFit shoes in stock… I asked the question I have been asked many times since! “What is CrossFit?” The salesman explained it to me in detail and mentioned CrossFit Auckland in Albany.  I was hooked, I looked at the website, signed up and waited for the induction!

I really enjoyed the CrossFit Induction with Antoinette but struggled as my fitness was a lot worse than I thought with respect to high intensity training. I pondered for a few weeks post induction, then received a call from Alex Porter and talked through my fitness concerns.  I then signed up for a 3 month limited membership, which meant maximum 3 times per week.  The first week I managed one session, the second week two sessions, and it was probably the 3rd or 4th week I managed to do the prescribed 3 sessions.  I started feeling really good post workout, by this I mean not just physically, but mentally! I was on a natural high for the rest of the day apart from crashing into bed earlier due to the 5:45am class I chose in an effort to maintain home/work life balance.

Once I was comfortable with 3 times a week I switched to an unlimited membership which meant I could train every day!  Now I pretty much do every day as the way I like to kick start my day and prepare myself for whatever the world throws at me.  I cope so much better.  I love the post workout feeling of being energised and focussed. Good Food and Coffee tastes better, you actually crave nutritious food if you listen to your body!

My nutritional diet was always pretty good, I just needed to cut out the crap when bored or stressed. As a result of CrossFit training and a cleaner diet I lost 20Kg’s in 8 months reaching my initial goal weight of 88Kg’s!

After 2 years at CrossFit Auckland I now weigh 82Kg!  This surprised me as I had tried many times and failed with running, Gym memberships and dieting.  It was gradual but constant weight loss, but the benefits are enormous, with less impact on my joints much more energy etc. I’m pretty sure I used to arrive at work with a stupid grin on my face and in a good mood to greet the day after CrossFit sessions.

I love CrossFit Auckland in every sense, from the exercise regimen, the coaching staff, the workouts, the fellow members who are all like-minded people. The culture is fantastic and a welcome distraction to the rigours of external life.

These days I think everyone should be doing it, and I have my wife Julie and son’s Callum and Connor enjoying CrossFit and have started enticing friends along also. :)

I am so thankful I discovered CrossFit as I feel back to my old self and have a sport that is constantly varied and challenging to keep me interested for a long time to come.

Many thanks to the coaches and people I have met and befriended along the way.

Craig Ferguson