Hey Lisa and Alex

Before I collapse into bed I really wanted to say a very big thank you to you both. I always feel proud to be a member of CrossFit Auckland and have never doubted or questioned that you guys are the best.

This weekend CrossFit Level-1 Cert was such a potent reminder of how lucky I am, that I really want to share these thoughts and my thanks. What I learned is how much you guys live, breathe and share this information every day.

Lisa – I remember doing shoulder rehab on Saturday’s and listening to you teach the CFAK Women’s classes about the 10 physical skills.

Alex – you don’t talk too much – every word has meaning and value from talking about couplets to chippers to glycolitic energy systems. My vocabulary was set. There was even a GHD question that was directly related to the cue you are always giving me.

None of what we covered was new to me, there was no term or concept that I was unfamiliar with. The I Am CrossFit program you run is gold. The progressions were what I have been taught time and time again. The time with Julianne in nutrition – and what I have been living ever since in my diet is spot on.

It feels like I have been living the Level 1 Cert since my very first day Elias and I came to check the place out and Alex taught us Medball cleans in a skills class.

You Are CrossFit and You Are The Best!!

Many, many thanks!!