Karen Udarbe

Dear Crossfit Auckland,

It’s been another year since my last love letter to you.  So much has happened, I can say that almost everyone will agree, it’s like something out of the movies!

Ahh, CrossFit Auckland … The *people* make this place … my community, my family in NZ.  For expats like me, home is truly where your heart is.  I nearly left for Canada last year, but then realised NZ  is my home too.  What kept me here?  Believe it or not, it was CFAK.  Or rather, the PEOPLE in CFAK!  I write this to the folks that have stood by me on my continuing journey to becoming a better version of me.  It’s no secret that my world came crumbling down nine months ago – a very painful and very public breakup started the chain reaction to the transformation of what I was, to what I am meant to be.  There’s still a lot more to improve, but the journey thus far has been this roller coaster of a ride!

Over the last 9 months:

  • I’ve gone from 80kgs to 65kgs and I was 105kgs when I started at CrossFit Auckland!
  • I have the happy problem of being a size 8 but only fitting a 10 or 12 due to my arms, shoulders and/or legs not fitting in clothing.  BTW I started at CFAK wearing si