Eric Ryda

Hi Guys,

I was just looking around the CFAK website and found an old testimonial I wrote back in 2011. It got me thinking about the journey I’ve been on since and all the stuff that has happened in my life.  The one constant has been my desire to continue to grow and learn.  Now at 48 I’m still very much looking forward rather than back, yes my joints are no longer as supple and strong as I’d like, recovery is longer and the heavier stuff is more of a challenge – but none of this matters! The beauty is that CFAK provides me with an environment where I can train to my abilities, no one else’s.

This is encouraged and supported by the exceptional team of coaches as well as my fellow athletes.

Crossfit is about more than just training for me, it’s a lifestyle that is consistent with my personal values and compliments my desire to get the most out of everything I do.

Lisa, Alex, Bene, Antoinette, Dave, Matiu, and Bernie you guys are exceptional coaches.  I chose to train at CFAK, rather than other clubs closer to home, because of you and the atmosphere of camaraderie and support that you create in each class and every event you run.

Eric “Chuck” Ryda