The CrossFit Auckland 28 Day Team Challenge started on Saturday!  We’ll  be blogging regularly to provide additional resources and interesting reading to build your knowledge and provide support.  The questions Team Leaders have received thus far have been really good ones! Share your great finds in the blog comments when you discover good paleo ingredients and places to shop.

The topic we’re covering today is Post Workout Recovery Meals as well as touching on preference for whey or egg derived protein powder for pre/post workout shakes or breakfast.


Consuming a meal or supplement high in both carbohydrates and protein is ideal and should happen as soon as possible after exercise. Subsequent meals can be 45-60 minutes after. Providing adequate nutrients in the right balance within 30 minutes after exercise is essential for recovery.

Post workout nutrition: High or Low Carb?

What to eat for a post workout meal.

Pod Cast with Rob Wolf  The Paleo Solution – Episode 81 – Go to min 38:32

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The below links from Charles Poliquin are a little more technical than most of you are concerned with, however if you want to specialise your post work out recovery, or understand the science in more detail – Charles Poliquin is the guru.

Top five things you must know about post workout nutrition.

Blunt cortisol post workout.

The best alternative to solid food.

Author Charles Poliquin


Get protein 20–30 grams and carbs (20–60 grams) e.g. stewed apple, mashed sweet potato and whey or egg protein or smoothie:- you will have seen Laura go straight to the fridge after WODs to re-fuel with her apple and kumara combo. Try a coconut milk, egg and berry smoothie.

Choose higher glucose fruits – glucose replenishes muscle glycogen, fructose goes to liver. Berries are a “best choice” option and packed with antioxidants. If you’re striving for fat loss, keep fruits to 2 serves per day.

Coconut water (no added sugar) plus protein powder or a couple hard boiled eggs.

Solid meal ideas: Tuna or salmon and sweet potato / kumara / home made apple sauce (no sugar added). Prepare ready to eat afterwards.


Whey Protein (milk protein) is derived from the liquid by-product when making cheese – the whey. Some whey protein also has the lactose removed.

Casien, also a milk protein is generally the type that’s responsible for diary allergies and intolerances.

Egg white protein (Eggcel or Red8) are unflavoured, un-processed pure egg derived protein. Egg white protein powder has the highest BCAAs of any protein. Previously members who tried the eggcel have not liked the flavour – we suggest using these for smoothies with added berries or other fruit for best flavour.

Protein powders highest in BCAA’s: egg white, 4.3g per 25g then whey 3.5 per 25g. Meats 3.4 per 100cal (about 25g protein)

Egg white protein powders available through Julianne Taylor 0800 72 74 72:  Red8 brand and Eggcel. Some new paleo branded egg derived protein powders have emerged in the last 12-months, however reading the nutritional content reveals that they contain ingregients that are not approved if you are orthodox paleo or participating in a 30-day paleo detox or challenge such as our CrossFit & Paleo Challenge.

If you choose to use a whey protein product, this does fall in the DAIRY category which is eliminated in the Challenge Level 0 Paleo.  You WILL NOT earn the daily points for No Diary if you take a whey protein product as your pre or post workout meal. Whey protein powder is a good source of growth promoters, however it is NOT recommend for anyone with diary intolerance or allergies, gut issues, auto-imune issues, or those of you whose primary goals include fat loss.

[box type=”info”]One objective of the Paleo Challenge, is for you to trial eliminating food sources from your diet to experience what result it has on your body, health and performance. Regardless of whether you have chosen to participate at  Level 0 or Level 1, we highly recommend you trial eliminating diary derived products for a period of time to see what effect this has for you.[/box]