CrossFit Games Trippin’…

[box]CrossFit Auckland’s experience in CrossFit Games competition has spanned years. Check out some awesome pics HERE and HERE.[/box]

Skill Practice
Spend at least ten minutes practicing each of the following, suitable to your level:

  • Handstands; against a wall, with no wall, or walking.
  • Tumbling; cartwheels, forward rolls, somersaults or flips.
  • Snatches and Jerks; Burgener warm-up and other drills with a wooden dowel or PVC pipe, or working an empty barbell.

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CrossFit Games 2010 Australasian Regional - 1st place amongst 14 Affiliate Teams.

CrossFit Games 2011 Australasian Regional - 13th place amongst 27 Regional Affiliate Teams, and 37 Open Affiliate Teams.

CrossFit Games 2012 Australasian Region - 33rd place amongst 129 Open Affiliate Teams.


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