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Olympic Lifting

  • Clean & Jerk max for day; 85% x1 x3
  • Snatch max for day; 85% x1 x3

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Lessons From The Great” by Paul Johnson, Forbes.

[box]Straight from the “OMG” files:…..
“Bored with marmalade, fed-up with chocolate spread? Then have a big breakfast all in one go by spreading your morning toast with bacon jam. The new barbecue-type preserve is made with smoked bacon, red onion, coffee, balsamic vinegar, garlic, spice – and whisky. The first batch of more than 200 jars – costing £3.75 ($7) for 200g – sold out quickly at the grocery in Walthamstow, East London, where it was launched. Store co-owner Chris O’Connor, who developed the jam, said: “We’ve always sold homemade jam and crispy bacon so we thought we’d put the two together.” His business partner, James Brundle, said: “We really think it will take off … it’s just getting people to try it.” The jam will go on sale across London next month and, if it’s a hit, will be launched UK-wide.” (Source:[/box]

[box type=”warning”]Best of luck to the 18 CrossFit Auckland athletes competing in tomorrow’s Mount CrossFit Games!! If you see any of them around the club today ask them about it and wish them luck :)[/box]