We’ve had a lot of interest lately in Power Balance, as many have noticed we now sell their product at our facility.

The questions are consistent: What are they, and how do they work?

There’s a simple answer, and then there’s the science-geek version…

In short, Power Balance bracelets are small wrist bands with holograms embedded into them, which in-turn are embedded with a specific frequency. When this is added to the energy field of the human body, it helps optimize the body’s natural energy flow.

Further explanation from our source reveals more: As everything and everyone has frequency, the more we interact with other things (cellphones, computers etc), the more our own frequency changes. Apparently, the human body is at it’s optimal when operating at 7.83hz, also known as Resonant Earth Frequency. Whatever your frequency is will depend on what you’ve been up to. Power Balance bands, when added to your energy field are supposed to help bring you back within a more optimal range.

Does it work? We think so.

Team CrossFit Auckland found Power Balance operating a stall in Sydney, at the CrossFit Games Regionals. We tried them out, and were convinced enough that we bought some, wore them, and won the Affiliate Competition. The whole team still wears them now.

And virtually everyone we know who wears one reports improvements in their flexibility, strength, balance, recovery and energy levels.

Many are skeptical, and so they should be. It’s a rubber band that makes instant improvements to your body on a physical level the instant you put one on.