CrossFit Auckland POSE Running Clinic

WHEN: Sunday 16th March 2014 @ 11am to 2pm (3hrs).  TAKING REGISTRATIONS NOW! 

Maximum of 16 per clinic.  

Whether you’re a novice runner or a long-distance specialist, the POSE method can help you run better.

Developed by Russian sport scientist Nicolas Romanov, the POSE method teaches you to run more efficiently. Elimination of heel striking reduces jarring impact and its efficient use of gravity and muscular energy will increase your running speed.

Just like Oly Lifting, running efficiently is a trained skill. You’ll walk away from this three hour clinic with the drills and a program necessary to apply POSE method and improve your running style. Regardless of whether your goal is to run a marathon or improve training performance, you’ll benefit from this workshop.

Is POSE method more efficient?  Find out more by watching this clip…

What our Attendees Said:

“Fitness plays a critical part in the Defence Force, with running a great way to achieve and maintain acceptable fitness levels. For myself, I wanted to find a way where I could improve on my time trials and still save my legs for a pack march. Attending this course has identified areas of improvement in my running style and introduced skills that I now employ in my training sessions. They have been invaluable in retraining myself to run more efficiently with less impact issues through my legs.” – Desmond Crighton.

“It’s no secret I struggled with running and was plagued with foot injuries and pains from incorrect running techniques for so long.  After attending the POSE clinic at Crossfit Auckland, I am much more aware of my posture, foot strike, breathing, and overall running efficiency; I highly recommend this clinic to anyone who wants to improve on their running!” - Karen Udarbe.


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CFAK Members - $80

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