Women and Body Image

by Thera Storm on June 11, 2009

CrossFit Auckland WomenA recent survey cited that over 40% of women hate their bodies. Another survey stated that women fret about their body image every 15 minutes.

These statistics are not surprising to me. It was only a year ago that I felt the same way…

I absorbed the mass media’s depiction of beautiful women – the air-brushed images of celebrities inundating magazines, television shows and movies left me feeling inadequate rather than entertained.

In an effort to achieve that look, I joined a local gym. I weighed myself after every workout. I didn’t understand why I was not seeing immediate results after being on the treadmill for an hour. I was getting frustrated. I noticed my husband was seeing results through his CrossFit training – but I figured that was for military men only.

With extreme reservations, I joined CrossFit Coastal (I was so intimidated!). Surprisingly, the workouts were scaled to my level of fitness. I didn’t want to come in last during the class workouts, so I really pushed myself. It was hard. It was damn hard! I still came in last – so I kept coming back. I showed up and I didn’t quit.

8 months have passed and I can’t remember the last time I weighed myself. I see a Cosmo magazine and instead of wanting to look like the cover model I think to myself, “I wonder if she can do pullups?” Now I measure my performance and workout scores rather than my weight. I’m focused on showing up and doing the best I can each day. As a result, I am strong and confident and I understand what it is to be a really fit woman.

-Thera Storm