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CrossFit Auckland Gymnastics WOD Strength A. Strict Pull-ups (add weight) 3 x 12reps B. Rope Climbs (Advanced: Seated & Legless) 4 x 2reps C. L-sit Hold on Paralettes 4 x 15sec Post results to comments. CFAK QuickFit WOD MetCon For [...]


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For convenience we created an online form to provide a final opportunity to pre-order your Kids & Teens their CFAK Kids Club T-Shirt. Also available in Black, Navy and Royal Blue. Click through to ORDER by credit card or paypal. [...]

CrossFit Kids & Teens

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Strength, co-ordination and confidence. They love it! My oldest has graduated to Junior Teens. It is challenging for her but she is enjoying it and so is my other daughter. She has gained allot of confidence and co-ordination from her [...]

Sailing and CrossFit Teens

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Brianna and Courtney are junior teen Crossfit Auckland members. They have a love for sailing and recently went to Australia to compete in the Australian National Optimist Competition in Melbourne. All the best from Australia were there along with top [...]

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I wanted to say thank you to you and your team at Crossfit Auckland for your outstanding Teens programme.  Henry is 15 and has only started at Crossfit Teens at the beginning of this term.  We wanted to find something [...]

CrossFit Kids & Teens Gym

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CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens Fitness My CrossFit Experience Since joining CrossFit I have noticed that not only am I becoming more fit, but my attitude towards working out and/or getting more involved in P.E. at school is a lot [...]

Kids & Teens Team Training

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At CrossFit Auckland we practice efficient and safe movement patterns to ensure our Kids & Teens develop the way nature intended. CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens Dear Coach Dave CrossFit has helped me with fitness in soccer and [...]

CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens Gym

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A PLACE OF GROWTH   Enter the Classroom for Life – enter CrossFit Auckland Kids and Teens What better way to prepare children for the years ahead than a situation of life that occurs in a smaller perspective? CrossFit for [...]

CrossFit Kids & Teens Fitness

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At CrossFit Auckland we challenge our Kids & Teens to experiment and learn new skills in a safe and friendly environment. Once upon a time there was a girl named Libby who was not that fit and played [...]

CrossFit Kids & Teens Gym

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CrossFit Auckland's Junior Teens practice handstands as part of the constantly varied, functional program offered. My CrossFit Auckland Story I first came to CrossFit Auckland to improve my fitness to help get better results in my sailing. Sailing [...]