CrossFit Kids

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There's a ton of things we used to do as kids, kids now aren't doing. There are adults that have never been upside down because they never did it as a child. Our main goal is to get kids to learn at an early age that exercise can be fun, we play a ton of games, and along the way it helps their brains develop.

Jane Fogg, CrossFit Mum

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My son will train along side me and make up his own workout.

The Unsafe Child

By |July 15th, 2015|Kids & Teens Fitness|

Written by pediatric occupational therapist Angela Hanscom The third grade classroom that was visiting our nature center for the day consisted of mostly boys–rowdy, loud and rambunctious boys. As we started out into the woods, the children spoke loudly to each [...]

From CrossFit Kid to Regionals Athlete

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Channeling a teenage boy’s testosterone and finding direction Everyone has a story. Every CrossFitter has a story. They are all unique, yet many of them have similar traits. We all started somewhere and didn’t become CrossFit rock stars overnight, but when we were new to the game and came into the club for the first time, that realization hadn’t struck us yet. We assumed that the people doing pull-ups and putting weight over their heads had always been able to do that. Reality is, we all have or own story of how we found CrossFit or how CrossFit found us. This is the story of Alex McRobie.


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Using functional movements to expand your child's sporting potential Many of you have children involved in organized sport. That’s great. It’s a fantastic way of keeping them active, social and focused. I’ve personally been involved in sports since I was [...]


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Coach Dave awarding Damson-Rose the CrossFit Auckland Scholarship for next term. A big congratulations to Damson-Rose who has won a scholarship with CrossFit Auckland's Kids & Teens program. She was awarded the prize for being the most successful in [...]

Kids and Teens Outdoor Fun Day

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CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens are going off-site this Sunday 30th November for a day of fun and games at Pinehurst School Sports Field, 75 Bush Road, Albany. Over the course of the term we've been integrating all age groups [...]


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A Junior Teen's Achievements Through CrossFit My son Anton started at CrossFit Auckland 6 months ago as a Junior Teen member. Anton does enjoy his main sport (Hockey) but is also very much a homebody who prefers a book (or [...]


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We recently sat down with CrossFit Auckland member Michelle, the mother of 16-year old CrossFit Teens athlete Grace. When Grace was two and a half, her parents found out that she was a little “different” and didn’t know where to [...]

Reduce your kids’ screen time and increase their playtime with fun fitness classes just for kids.

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10 Reasons to choose CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens for your Child CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit. It is absolutely, entirely CrossFit, but geared and designed for children and their specific [...]