Cost: : $80.00

Your 1-hour Assessment will include:

  • BIA and Girth Measurements.
  • % Lean Mass, Total Fat, Visceral Fat and Hydration estimates.
  • 9 Girth Measurements (circumference of sites with tape measure).
  • Lifestyle and Nutrition assessment.
  • Progress assessment and Goal Setting.

We recommend our clients own a CrossFit Auckland Training Log Book which includes record pages for your Anthropometry and Girth Measurements to be recorded during regular assessments, as well as goal charting and level testing record pages.

If fat reduction is a primary goal for you, please consider regular consults to discuss ongoing nutritional guidance for optimal weight and physical performance.

Cost: $120.00

If you require skin fold (anthropometric) measurements, please specifically book an assessment with Coach Alex Porter.

Your Body Composition measures will include:

  • 9 Calliper Skin Fold Measurements (commonly known as pinch tests)
  • 9 Girth Measurements  (circumference of sites with tape measure)
  • Body Weight
  • Height

We recommend clients focus on each skin fold and girth measurement in millimetres rather than the total sum of the 9 sites taken.

Body Composition & Progress Assessment

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Anthropometic Skin Folds

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Body Composition Vs. Weight On Scales

Your weight on the scales is a total measurement of Lean Muscle, Bone and Adipose Tissue (Fat).  People tracking fat loss (incorrectly termed weight loss), sometimes become confused when their weight on the scales increases or stays relatively the same despite being involved in regular exercise.

Your ultimate goal is to increase Lean Muscle (your calorie/energy burning machine), and reduce Body Fat.  Because muscle weighs more than fat, weight on the scales is NOT an indication of FAT loss.

While not a 100% accurate measure of fat loss or lean muscle increases, girth measurements will show the reduction or increase in the circumference of each body part or site, which combined with a skin fold caliper test gives a good indication and sound measurement of fat reduction at each site.  A simple example is: your bicep girth circumference remained the same, but your skin fold reduced indicating fat loss + an increase  in muscle resulting in the bicep circumference staying the same.

When people talk about being more toned, they are usually referring to this change in body composition.  Lean tight muscle develops creating a more shapely body composition, and as fat is lost your body shape changes.  It is feasible to stay a similar body weight but reduce clothing size, or for men increase in clothing size with muscle development.

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