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Reduce your kids’ screen time and increase their playtime with fun fitness classes just for kids.




CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens incorporates a range of strength and fitness modalities to develop our young members.

CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens incorporates a range of strength & fitness modalities to develop our young members.

10 Reasons to choose CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens for your Child

CrossFit Auckland Kids & Teens is not simply a scaled down version of CrossFit. It is absolutely, entirely CrossFit, but geared and designed for children and their specific developmental needs. To explain, we outline 10 benefits to Kids and Teen members:

  • They will develop their capacity across 10 recognised physical skills. Kids and Teens have a great opportunity to maximise their physical skills when exposed to the stimulus of CrossFit Kids & Teens training during their peak development years.
  • No matter what level of prior exposure to exercise or sport, the program is designed to be progressive and adaptable making it perfect for any child.
  • Exercise increases scholastic performance. Brain changes recorded as a result of increased exercise include better performance on attention-taxing tasks; improved abstract reasoning in memory, planning and organisation; and the ability to multi-task more effectively.
  • Research suggests the advantages of exercise with increased brain function come from a commitment to regular activity. It underscores the need for our children to not only are active on a daily basis, but to routinely incorporate sessions of vigorous activity.
  • Programming is specifically designed to enhance Vestibular development, which is crucial to both motor and cognitive function. The Vestibular systems role in the realms of visual function, posture and muscular control are of the utmost importance to activities of daily life. It plays a role in vision, muscle coordination, motor development, respiration, learning, language, and of course, balance.
  • Impact-loading exercises help children increase their bone density, without the risk associated with contact sports.
  • It increases a child’s confidence in their fitness ability as well as their academics.
  • Research has shown the sense of teamwork initiated in CrossFit fitness programs extends into the academic setting of the classroom.
  • It provides a supportive and encouraging environment, which research has shown leads to a decrease in aggressive behaviour.
  • It pairs fitness with fun, creating a positive relationship to exercise and lifelong enjoyment of health and fitness for our Children.

QUARTER 3  begins Monday 28 July to Thursday 25 September.

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Thank You CrossFit Auckland




The CrossFit Auckland Family getting behind Debbie Downings return to the Reebok CrossFit Games!

The CrossFit Auckland Family getting behind Debbie Downings return to the Reebok CrossFit Games!

A huge personal thank you from Alex and myself to our CrossFit Auckland community for always getting behind our own in their personal endeavours. It means a lot to us, and we know it means even more to Debbie to know she has our support.

The Get Debbie 2 The Games Fundraiser comp, donations and raffle raised a tremendous $2,449 contribution to Debbie’s travel expenses. We are truly grateful and we hope each and every one of you had a fantastic time!  We were particularly proud of all the members taking part in a competition for the very first time, including a handful of members who have just recently come out of Induction or the CFAK Women‘s program.  Well done to everyone involved!

…keep your eye out on the CrossFit Auckland Facebook for event photos during the coming week.

The Crowd Goes Wild – Prime TV




Thanks Josh and James from the Crowd Goes Wild Crew for coming out to CrossFit Auckland and  interviewing Debbie about her journey back to the Reebok CrossFit Games.

Thanks Josh and James from the Crowd Goes Wild crew for coming out to CrossFit Auckland to interview Debbie about her journey back to the Reebok CrossFit Games.

Watch the piece on Crowd Goes Wild – PrimeTV from 7pm and 10:40pm tonight.

Replays will also feature on Sky Sports throughout the evening.

Logan “PitBull” Price heads to IMMAF Tournament USA!




Logan Price MMA_CrossFit Auckland_XW

 Photo courtesy of Xavier Wallach Photography

Logan Price, Mixed Martial Artist fighting out of Shuriken MMA on Auckland’s North Shore has been training in MMA for almost 5 years and combining CrossFit strength and conditioning into his regime coming up three years at CrossFit Auckland. Logan is leading up to the biggest opportunity of his career thus far, having been selected to represent New Zealand in the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation Tournament in Las Vegas USA.

 After all my hard work and dedication as an amateur mixed martial artist, I got a great opportunity to join the team at CrossFit Auckland. Leading up to receiving the training grant at CrossFit Auckland I had been fighting for about two years with a 50/50 win loss record. After stepping up my strength and conditioning at CFAK and being mentored by Coach Alex Porter I became more focused and started planning for my future fight career.

I was fighting in a division that was not well suited to my size and stature, but in my first year at CFAK I dropped over 10 kilograms and two MMA weight divisions putting me in a much better division for my size; I’ve become a much stronger opponent. The extra help from CFAK coaches utilising functional strength and sports specific training and instilling new diet habits has me living a healthier life and striving for the best in everything I do.

Coming off some good wins in my recent fights I was presented with a possible selection to fight in the IMMAF tournament; but I had to win my next fight to get first pick in the featherweight division. It wasn’t going to be an easy feat as I was matched up with really tough opponent. It was one of the first times where I felt a huge amount of pressure on me to perform. I was not only fighting for me anymore and knew it would come down to my preparation and training, as well as my ability to execute everything I’d learnt from my trainers and mentors to get the win. I won by unanimous decision and pretty much sealed my spot on the New Zealand Team to head to Las Vegas and wave the flag for NZ and CFAK on this world stage event.

Vegas Baby!!!”


Join us in wishing Logan well during the coming IMMAF tournament where he will not only represent New Zealand but his various clubs and trainers including his CrossFit Auckland family! Logan “Pit Bull” Price leaves on 28th of June for his Las Vegas MMA tournament.

Give it heaps Logan; we’re right behind you. LION POWER!

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